Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm back! Really I have no excuses for not blogging in so long, I guess you can say I just needed a break. What has been going on since I blogged last? Where do I begin?
MOM AND DAD FINALLY HAVE THEIR FURNITURE! Last Sunday we unloaded all of mom and dad's things for the very last time (I hope) I will post pictures soon. I want to get everything decorated before I post any.

On a sad note, this community was once again tested this past week. A horrible accident occurred last weekend and took the young life of Noel Gonzales. 
The community once again came together to support this family. I pray that the Lord wraps his arms around this family and gives them some sense of comfort. 
Rest in peace Noel.

This week also marked the 7 year Anniversary that Kendall has battled Type 1 Diabetes.
I remember it like it was yesterday when the doctor gave us the news that Kendall was diabetic. They loaded him up in the ambulance and transported him to children's hospital where we stayed in ICU for 5 days. Right now Kendall is on a insulin pump and his A1C has improved tremendously. It still is not in the normal range, but it is a lot better than it ever has been before. We continue to pray for a cure but until then we continue to try and manage this disease.
And we had another Anniversary around the Foster house this week. The Hubs and I celebrated 22 years of marriage.
Happy Anniversary Hubs!
I Love You!

I also got a new item for my kitchen. Meet my stainless steel Electrolux Refrigerator
I love my new addition!
OK I know this is a shorter than normal post for me, sorry but I didn't take many pictures this week and you know me I'm a visual person. I head to OKC this week for work. I can't wait. It gonna be nice to get away for a few days.
I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday.

Just a few things that I am loving.
I LOVE my late night phone conversations that I've been having lately with this girl.
I am missing this guy because I LOVE his smile. (He has been out of town all week)

I am super PROUD of this guy. He has worked 14 days straight. I LOVE his dedication.
Happy Wednesday Everyone.
Oh and guess what else I'm loving? I LOVE THAT IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaleb

Happy 20th Birthday Kaleb Clinton Foster!
I start a birthday post last night when I got home but was so tired that I decided to go to bed so here is the Birthday message a day late. 20 years ago I was blessed with our first son! I had all sisters growing up so having a boy was a little strange for me, but we adjusted just fine. Kaleb has grown up to be such a great young man. I love his smile. He has one of those smiles that you can feel. He smiles with his eyes and they give off so much energy that you can feel it. Kaleb has always been a laid back person, when he was little he would get a pile of cars and play for hours with them. He was always busy, but always could entertain himself.
Kaleb, I love you with all my heart. I miss the little boy you use to be, but I love the man you have become. You have had many challenges in your life and you have always amazed me with the way you have handled those situations. I can't wait to see what the world holds for you and I will always be here for you. You know you're never too old to need your momma:) I love you Buddy, Happy Birthday!
We took Kaleb over to Los Postros for his birthday dinner. My dad met us there and so did my BFF Kristi and her kids and Krislyn. We had a great time full of laughter and only one major melt down by Colton. ( I'm proud to say it was diffused very quickly, but thanks for causing the drama DAD!)
Here are a few pictures of our evening.
Me and my baby boy.
Colton and Kaleb.
Brooklyn and Kaleb
The traditional birthday cream.
Can you tell these kids just LOVE him! I love this picture.
Happy Birthday again Buddy! We LOVE You:)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cookie Fun!

I meet my BFF Kristi and her 2 kids last night at Alma's (our local pool hall) for pizza and pool. I promised Colton last Saturday that we would go up there this week and eat pizza. Colton is very particular who gets to watch him while his parents are working & since I was off on Friday I asked if he wanted to come hang out with me. He said yes and we talked about making cookies and just hanging out together. When I woke up I got ahold of his grandma to see if he was still wanting to spend the day with me. She said "That's all he has been talking about all morning!" I went and picked him up and we went up town to eat at the new deli that opened down town, which I might add if you are from the area it is well worth stopping by. I had soup and a sandwich and it was VERY GOOD!
After lunch it was time to start baking COOKIES!
Can you tell by that smile how excited he was:)

He informed me that he could hold the mixer all by himself and I let him until he let go of the mixer to wipe off his hands. We kinda look mad at each other in this picture but I promise we didn't even argue one time:) I just love this kid.
Colton rolling the dough in the cinnamon/sugar mixture.
And here we are, we are so proud of our snicker doodles and they were delicious.
As you can see Colton ate his ALL GONE!
 I couldn't leave Brooklyn out so I promised to pick her up from school. It just made my heart melt when I went up to get her and her teacher said "I see Brooklyn's ride." and she came out grinning from ear to ear. She even patted me on the leg as we walked back to the car. After a trip to the Sugar Shack for some snow cones we headed home to bake some more cookies. This time it was Brooklyn's turn.
We kinda had to rush through our mixing because they had to head to Enid for haircuts by 5:00. But Brooklyn was awesome and did a great job.
Brooklyn stirring in the Choc. Chips
And since Brooklyn had to go to Enid I didn't get a picture of her and I and the finished product. But here they are.
I would like to also announce and congratulate my BFF's on their new baby to be born in June!!!
I am so happy for the both of you Chad and Kristi and I just can't wait so I can spoil another Cink:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Working Wednesday!

I know that some of you do Wordless Wednesday's, but I just can't post with no words so here is my Wednesday!
 I didn't work at the court house today so I did get to sleep in a lil bit. Yeah! I love me some of those mornings when I can sleep in! After I woke up, I turned on the news and thought, what the heck, am I still sleeping? I live in Oklahoma and I live in what is called " Tornado Alley." I know that! I'm Ok with that! I turn on the news today and hear that Oklahoma had a fricken EARTHQUAKE! On the scale it was a 5.1! I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure if anyone here in Northern Oklahoma felt it, but I know that people in the Oklahoma City, Stillwater & even the Tulsa area felt it! CRAZY!!!
Today was full of errand running. Kaleb needed me to pick up his check at noon and take it to the bank. When I got back from that I went up to the Court House to pay Kendall's ticket since he worked all night. Kendall got a job working on a oil rig. He has been working for a week and when he gets home he is literally covered from head to toe in oil and grease. I totally refuse to wash his cloths in my HE washer and dryer, so I took them up to the local laundry mat. I then  ran to Blackwell to pick up Kendall's Medicine since he was still sleeping. While I was waiting on his meds I went and washed my car. When I got home I picked up Kendall's cloths brought them home then headed to mom and dad's to work!
When I got there they were both taking a break. I walked in and started cracking the whip! I was there for about 3 hours and man did we get a lot accomplished! We were able to remove all the kitchen cabinets. All I can say is "Man did they build house's good back in the day!" Those cabinets were a pain to tear out!
Here is a picture of some of the work that was done. Yes I look like a total dork but I was hammering from bottom up. And I might also add that my new hair-do fits into a ponytail! Yeah! (That's Kaleb to my right helping out, man were we glad when his muscles got there!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I lost 8 to 10 inches in a hour.

Can you believe it? I lost 8 to 10 inches in just one hour! I thought that would get your attention. Do ya want ta know my secret? GET A HAIR CUT!!! HA HA! 
I know, I know, I wish it was inches off of my waist too but I love my new hair. I have just felt very frumpy lately. I turned 40 in September and that sucked so I was looking for a change. I have lost 10 pounds, (don't get so excited, I still have 30 pounds to go) but I was feeling like a change. So of course you know me...the next thing to change was the hair. I got to the point where all that I was doing to it was pulling it back.  The hairdresser in me just doesn't think that is acceptable, matter of fact it's lazy! It use to drive me crazy when I would cut someones hair and every time I would see them it was always pulled back! My first thought was "do they not like it?" but my second thought was always "LAZY!" Well I had become that person. It was past time for a change.
Here is what my hair looked like before.
Here is the back view.
Here is the new hair do. I hate how I look in these pics but here they are.
The back view.
Mr. Odie had to get in the pic too. I hope to get some better pics uploaded but the hubs was helping me with this and I was trying to talk him through it and he would literally take a picture while I was talking. Oh well, gotta Love him, and I do:)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Remodel.

I have come to the conclusion that Wednesday's are going to kill me. Ya see I don't work at the court house on Wednesday's but I literally work my booty off at my Mom and Dad's house. However I can't gripe about it too much this week because I had so much fun:) I headed over to Mom and Dad's around noon and Mom was already working on the house. Mom loves to sit on her porch and just take it all in. I guess while she sat there she just could focus on the bad. So, Mom and Dad decided to repaint the porch until they were ready to rebuild it. When I got there she was doing some finishing touches on the painting of the pourch.
Here is the porch before.
And after!
So much better, but I still want it to be wood and not painted.
Ok back to what I was saying, I got to mom and dads at around noon and I had a mission! The biggest part of the renevation was the kitchen. We had to take down the wall separating the kitchen and the dinning room. Well, guess what? I did it!
Here is the before.

I thought I had a picture of the room before I started, but for some reason I can't find it. So this pitcure is after I took some the panelling and the frame work down. 
Here is what it looks like now! It took me ALL DAY!
After a few bumps I got her done.

Ok call me a puss, but this splinter in my thumb was the size of Texas!  I have to thank my boss for digging it out of my finger!
And as for me having so much fun doing such hard work... as many of you know my mom has had some struggles in her life, one of them being  a dependency on perscription drugs. Because of this dependency we spent many years apart. I am more than proud to annouce that I have my Mom back! She is 9 months CLEAN!  She went through re-hab and has done awesome. I cant tell you what it is like to her laugh, to see her up before noon and to connect with her again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our weekend Part 2

Ok, now to the rest of my week and weekend.
Thursday & Friday I worked at the court house. And then there is Saturday ( the very best day of the week! ) Saturday was The Annual Red River Rivalry!

And our beloved SOONERS pulled through! It was an awesome game and had a much better outcome! Way to go. BOOMER...SOONER!
We hosted a party at the house. We had loads of fun with family, friends and fabulous food! The Hubs smoked a brisket and some ribs and they were sooo tasty!
The food table.

The snack table.
The food was amazing! Thank you everyone for bringing food:)
Since we bought a new T.V. last week we set our old T.V. up in the garage. We had 3 T.V.'s tuned into the game at all times. If you wanted to go to the garage to get a drink, there was a T.V., if you wanted to go to the kitchen to get a snack, there was a T.V.. if you wanted to go sit on the couch and chill, there was a T.V.! It was great. We had at one point 30 people over here.
Our next door neighbors Michael, Jennifer & Addy were able to make it. Also Ryan, Jessie & Reese were here. Jessie and Jennifer are sisters and they have 2 of the cutest kids. They were very entertaining. Well just look for yourself.
Addy was so attached to Chris this day! She HAD to know where he was at all times. It was so cute. Here they are together, I love this picture!
Chris and Addy.

And lil man Reese, he has got to have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. Here he is with a bow in his hair. ( Uncle Mike didn't like it much, but Reese kept wanting it back in his hair) check out his eyes, they are the same color as Aunt Jenn's jeans.

lil man Reese (or maybe we should call him Rita!)

And here is another pic. I love this one.
lil man Reese

What would a OU vs Texas game be with out an OU fan hanging the horns (ok maybe 3 OU fans)

Me, my beautiful daughter Kendra and lil man Colton

.  We had to show Colton how to hang them horns, but he was a pro!! I am proud to announce that we had a good reason to hang the horns...WE WON:)

Me and my BFF Kristi.

After the game it was time for some Mexican Train.
And just a little more hanging of the horns:)

And some more Friend time.

Tyler, Kendra, Courtney & Me!

I had a awesome Saturday.  I hope everyone else had a great Saturday too, so sorry Longhorns:)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wow what a week!

Wow what a week! I worked Monday and Tuesday at the Court House. Wednesday I headed to Mom and Dad's to work on their house. I finished all the painting in the office. Mom started on the floors while I worked on the painting. While visiting with a family friend mom and dad learned of a product for wood floors. We had planned on renting a sander and re staining the floors, but with this product you don't have to do any of that. First you use a spray on cleaner for the deep stuff. ( we also use steel wool) Then you go over it with a cleaner and mop. After that dried I put on 3 coats of the clear coat. I am very pleased with the way the floors turned out! Here are the floors before.
And after!

Here you can see the difference in the floor that is redone on the left and the floor that still needs to be done on the right.
I am very pleased with the way they turned out! What do you think? There was no mess and no odor!
Here is a view of the room when Mom and Dad purchased the house.
And this is what it looks like after I got a hold of it!
This house is gonna be so fricken cute I can't stand it! I am so glad to be a part of it!
Since I did have such a long week I will post the rest of my week tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!