Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas at Fosterville!

Every since I was a little girl Christmas was a big thing for our family. My grandma on my mom's side LOVED Christmas. She went all out!!! Back then people just put up a tree and their stockings, not my grandma she put up a tree in the family room and a tree in the den! I absolutely loved it. We also had Santa come to grandma's house on Christmas Eve. I know this might sound weird, but until this day I get this certain smell in the air  and I think...SANTA? I swear I know what Santa smells like! I can't explain it but I know that smell! It's crisp and clean and fresh! Well needless to say the tradition has not faded! My mother as well as myself go all out for Christmas. I put up two large trees and several small trees. I am not really happy with the way these pictures turned out. They don't do the decorations justice but I have not blogged since Thanksgiving and I just wanted to get this done. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here in Fosterville. Enjoy our home!

And for all of you people with pre-lite trees... BITE ME! I don't have one!
This is my absolute favorite ornament! My Grandma had a whole strand of these Winnie the Pooh lites and I cherish the one that I got. (Yes it is very worn but it is my favorite!)
A few years ago I wanted to add my grandma to my Christmas even though she has pasted so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a picture ornament for all of the people in our family who have past that we would love to be spending Christmas with if they were here on earth. Here she is... The most beautiful woman I know... My Grandma Marie!
Here is the tree skirt that I made all by myself!
Now here is both sides of the fireplace!
I put greens around everything hanging on the wall.
Even the little pictures on the side tables.
Excuse the Hubs in his regular spot!
Now moving onto the entryway.

Ok here is the kitchen.
That snowman was also my grandma's. It play's Frosty The Snowman! I love it!!!