Monday, June 25, 2012

Mini Family Vaction

Lonnie and I have been together for 2 years this coming December and to this date not all of our children have had the chance to meet. With this being our slow time, Lonnie decided to rent a pontoon boat and a house at Grand Lake for the weekend. Still, not all of our children were able to go but at least we were able to take 3 of them.
I would definitely have to say it was a success. We all decided that we would make this a annual trip. We even called it the First Annual BrewFos Trip! 
We decided to head out at 9 am Saturday morning and guess was raining! Great I thought. Oh well I guess we will just go with the flow. And I'm glad we did because by the time we got to Grand the skies had cleared!

We rented a house that was on the golf course at Shangri La! Need I say how beautiful it was!!
We checked into our house and then it was off to get the boat.

(This picture was actually taken at the end of the day, but oh well at least we remember to get one)

And we're off!! We had a great day! The weather was great and of course we all got way too much sun, but it was a good time had by all. This was me by mid afternoon.

Kendra, Darci and Kaleb.

Me enjoy my weekend.

Lonnie and I at the end of a very good day with the family.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we have another trip planned to float the Guadalupe River  in Gruene Texas. And this time it looks like Kendall gets to go.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are finally going to have a big girl & boy home! I am so excited! Lonnie and I have been living in what we call the cave for over a year. The cave is actually an apartment that we have above the studio. Don't get me is very nice, BUT it has no window's (hence the name "CAVE") The other draw back is that it is in the building that we work in, which for me makes it hard to stop working because I know all that I have to do is walk upstairs. We had been talking about getting a home away from here for about 7 or 8 months. We slowly started looking last summer. At first we were looking for a home on a lake but we decided to  find something a bit more permanent. We drove around several housing additions until we found the one that was perfect for us! And here it is!!

Welcome to Landrun! While driving through this neighbor we found a home that was for sale and we called the number on the sign. The guy gave us the code so that we could go inside and tour the home. I fell in love with the house. The floor plan was perfect! There were a few things that I would have changed if I could have. The house had been on the market for a long time so we did not feel any rush to jump on it. Boy was I wrong! Yep you guessed it...IT SOLD! I was so upset! After a few weeks of being disappointed, Lonnie came to me and told me that the builder had a lot for sale in the same neighborhood that he thinks we would like better and we did! We were SOLD (literally)

We bought the acre lot and are having the exact floor plan built with a few minor changes to suit our liking. 
This is where our new home will be...the corner of Black Bear Trail & Boomer!

We are having the house built at a angel on the lot and hope to have Boomer for our street address!
This will be the view from the front of our home.

This will be the back view of our home.

We hope to break ground within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted so stay tuned!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pain in the Neck!

I am 41 years old and I have never been to the Chiropractor. I have never had the need to. To tell you the truth, I have always been afraid to. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...RIGHT? Well, it finally broke!! I went to bed Wednesday night perfectly fine. When I woke up Thursday I had a slight pain on the right side of my spine, under my sholder blade. I thought nothing about it...I've given birth to a 12 pound kid with no medication... I can handle pain!!Ha Ha...or so I thought! Just a few hours later my pain level was at about a 5. Lonnie had talked about how great going to the Chiropractor is and when I told him I was hurting he asked if I would go. I thought...what the heck. We loaded up and headed out only to get there to find out that they don't open until 4 pm! Oh well...OK, so we came back to the studio. 4 pm rolls around and we are the first one's in the door. The doctor does x-rays and some other test and come to find out I have a pinched nerve and a vertebrae out of place. He said the vertebrae seems to be an old injury. REALLY? I never even knew it! Anyway, he put me on the stim machine for 15 minutes and the adjusted me. I could feel it go into place instantly! It was amazing! I left there feeling so much better. Lonnie had to work an event that night so I stayed at the cave and decided to spring clean! If you know me you know spring clean means cleaning out cabinets, drawers, dressers, closets...etc. By 8 pm I could hardly move!!! My pain was so bad that I even cried!! Lonnie had to help me roll over durning the night and as you can imagine I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. I was suppose to be back in the chiropractor's office at 11 am but Lonnie called them first thing this morning and they told him to bring me in ASAP! They put me on the stim machine again and he adjusted me again but said it was mainly just muscle tension from the pain I was in the day before. He massaged it and sent me back to the cave and made me promise I would NOT do anything today and told me to be back at his office at 4:30 this afternoon! OK...thanks doc!! I did what he said and I do feel a lot better!!! I must say that I had a great experience with my first visit to the chiropractor!!! I hope to be back in the sing of things tomorrow! I hope everyone has a great weekend!