Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm back and better than ever!

As I mentioned in my earlier post my life has been somewhat under construction! There have been 4 HUGE changes in my life! 
Change #1 - I have recently gotten divorced after being married for 22 years. I am not going to go into detail about the divorce, but I do want to say that marriage is work & and  needs to be cherished by both people. Communication is crucial. Appreciate the person you are with & and  let them know how much you appreciate them everyday. DON'T TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!!!
Change #2 - I have met a great guy who treats me like a queen! He totally spoils me & and I totally let him! LOL! My children have met him & they tell me they like him. They say all that matters to them is that I am happy & that he treats me good.
Change #3 - I have a new job! I am very excited to get started & get things organized. 
Change # 4 - I moved to Norman, Ok. on Tuesday! I have a lot to do to the apartment & you know me... I will keep you posted on the progress.
I hope that this next statement does not offend anyone...but I have not said one thing in my defense since Chris filed for divorce. This is MY BLOG and this is my chance. Believe me coming from a small town I know how people can focus on other people's hurts and failure's. I just urge you not to judge people. You have no idea what has caused people to make the decisions that they make... and guess what? It is not your job to judge. The only person that I think has the right to judge me and any decisions that I have made is my GOD. I have had a heart to heart with my GOD and  I have asked for forgiveness for all of my sins and it is all between me and him and no one else! I'm sorry again if these statements offend you but these are my true feelings.

Stay tuned to my blog for my new life journey's!