Monday, September 27, 2010

Our weekend Recap.

Wow what a weekend! I had a four day weekend from work, which I might add was Awesome! Thursday I cleaned house all day. Since Mom and Dad still don't have a working kitchen I had cooked for them all week. To repay us they took us out to dinner Thursday night. We drove up to Caldwell and had some Chicken Fried Steak. It was awesome. Thanks Mom and Dad:)
Friday Chris and I went to Wichita to do some T.V. shopping. Our living room T.V. was about to go out on us so we had to bite the big one and spend the money for a new one. Here she is just in time for the big game next weekend! (OU / TEXAS)
We are liking the bigger T.V.!
Chris and I had a great day just spending the day together. (As Always:)) When we got home Chad came over to help Chris move the old Monster out of the living room and hook up the new one. Mom and Dad stopped by and Kristi and the kids came over after the H.S. Football game.
Saturday the Hubs had a golf tourney out at the local golf course. He was a BIG WINNER! Finally! He usually comes home telling me how horrible he played, but not Saturday he was super excited. ( I think it was the new golf attire that I had picked out for him while we were shopping Friday! )
Kaleb our soon to be 20 year old had decided to spread his wings and move out. He moved in with a few of his friends a few miles outside of town. Really he just sleeps there, because for some reason he still eats here and still brings me his laundry!  I don't mind though because I get to see him daily:) Since his room was empty we moved Kendall in there and we are going to make Kendall's room a office. I had posted in a previous post about a pottery barn desk that I had for sale, well sorry but it's off the market! I can finally use it again. I will post picture's as the remodel happens. OU had a 5:00 kick off so we headed to the Cinks to watch the game and eat some steaks. OU won and the steaks were great! Thanks Chad and Kristi:) After the game we moved to the patio and played domino's. The weather was awesome!
Chris and Colton watching the game being goofy! ha ha The Hubs is gonna love me for this pic too!
Sunday I straighten up the house, worked on Kendall's new room, then headed over to Mom and Dads to do a little work at there house. I finished texturing the walls in the small room off of the living room. Chris hung the matching ceiling fan. Mom painted the trim and Dad started tearing into the kitchen. Then of course what would my weekend be without a trip to Los Postros!
I had a pretty productive weekend if I do say so myself! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Fall here at Fosterville!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors of fall and of course the Weather! It is definitely apparent with the colors that I choose to decorate with. My house is full of Harvest Gold, Greens and Browns. I started dragging out my fall things last Wednesday. As soon as the Hubs got home he told me I was insane! It is only the middle of September! I told him " I don't care I am the one doing all the decorating and I am way past ready for Fall!" LOL! I WIN:)
I lined both of my flower beds with an assortment of  7 lighted pumpkins. I put orange lights in the fall foliage around the door and also in the 2 large shrubs in front of the living room window.
That's just a little of the outside. Now let's move on inside. This is what you see when you walk directly into my front door.
This lighted Haunted House was my Grandma's. It was always my favorite of her decorations when I was a little girl so it is always place front and center in my home now.
I just love the little black spiders. They have glitter on them and I have placed 9 of them in different spots in the living room and the kitchen. Just a little random fun! That's about it for the entryway. From the entryway you will turn left and you are in our living room.
This is the view from the entry.

This is where the Hubs spends most of his time.
This is the view from behind the T.V.
And this is the view from behind the Hubs chair.
Now these are just a few pictures of my fall decor. Enjoy!
Yes that is a picture of my beautiful daughter in the background ( next to the weather radio. HAHAHA! We live in Oklahoma's Tornado Alley)
Notice one of my little black spiders on the lamp!
This is my Pottery Barn Outlet find. I have a desk that matches it but I have no room in this house for it so for now it is stored in my garage. (Anyone looking to buy an awesome Pottery Barn Desk?)
As you can see from the earlier picture's I have 2 book shelves on each side of my fireplace. It has been a challenge for me to decorate them and I still am not satisfied with them. The Hubs wants to hang a flat screen T.V. on each side so you could either watch the same game or 2 different games at the same time. I think it would be a little T.V. overload if you ask me. What do you think? Anyway here are my fall decorations on each side.
I know that some of you check in to see the progress we have made on my mom and dad's house, but to tell you the truth I have been out of commission since Friday. I had a pinched nerve in my left hip. The pain was so bad that I shed several tears this weekend and could hardly walk at times. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a busy body and it totally drives me crazy when I am taken out by injury and sickness. Needless to say, I have not been to work at Mom and Dads for a while. Dad did take some pictures of what he and mom got done this weekend. They have a great front porch and love to spend time visiting and just sitting on the porch listening to the small town church bells and the birds that have made their trees home. Dad plans on tearing down this porch and rebuilding a new one but it was driving mom crazy that the paint was all chipped so they painted the columns and banisters this weekend.
Here you can see all of the chipped paint.
Yes we know we still have a lot of work to do but it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do!
While I'm at it I thought I would post some before and after's of the yard. I feel like we hadn't done much until I saw the pictures again tonight.
I swear I thought I was going to find a body while clearing out the front flowerbed. I pulled out some shoes, a bout a 6 pack of un-opened beer (various brand) and plenty of toys.
I hope everyone has a great weak and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Week Recap.

This week and week-end has seem to fly by. I was really excited to go to work this week. Tuesday we had Docket which makes the day go by faster because we seem to stay rather busy. But I was especially excited for Wednesday. Since we live in such a small county we don't seem to have the opportunity to hold Jury Trials. I have worked in the Court Clerks office for 1 1/2 years and we have yet to have a Jury. Wednesday we finally had one. I have never been to court myself or have never been selected for Jury duty. I found the whole process very interesting. Each process from selecting the Jury to the trial itself was intriguing to me. When we have Jury it is my job to be the Bailiff. We started Wednesday at 9 A.M. and ended around 5 P.M. The Jury was instructed be back at 9 A.M. on Thursday which they all did. To my disappointment the Judge and Deana came into the Jury Room only to announce that the Trial was a Miss-trial and the Jury was free to go. RATS I was really getting into it! Oh well maybe next time. I did come away from the whole thing with a pretty funny story. Wednesday Deana and I both ended up having wardrobe malfunctions! When I got to work Deana told me that while she was in the court room getting everything ready the maintenance man came in. Deana was just minding her own business doing her thing when the maintenance man says: "Deana, do you have your blouse on inside out?" Sure enough she sure did! We all got a good laugh to start off our day. Needless to say the best was yet to come. We started Jury selection promptly at 9A.M. and took our first recess at around 10:30. I had to use the rest room so instead of standing in line at the rest room upstairs I went down stairs to use the employee rest room. Might I add, I hate to use this restroom. It is very small and kinda spooky to me for some reason. Anyway, I did my business and headed out of the door around the corner and up the first flight of stairs. Now just picture this, the court house is full of the usual employee's, about 25 men and women checking land records AND NOW about 35 potential jurors. As I am walking up the stairs something just doesn't feel right. I reach my hand behind me only to find my skirt tucked into my spanks!!!!  I tell the lady behind me," I think my skirt is tucked!" She looks and LOUDLY says "OH MY, YES IT IS!" She begins helping me fix my malfunction. All I can say is Thank God I was not wearing a THONG! I have no idea how many people that I scared for life with the sight, but if you are one of them, I TRULY AM SORRY! I will never ever forget my first Jury Trial! LOL.
I haven't done much work at mom and dad's house this week because of work so Thursday I went over and got the office room textured. That is all I was able to get done though. I went back over a few hours later and the mud was still wet so I was kinda at a stand still. I hope to get that room finished this week.
Friday night Chris and I went out to eat and came home fairly early because Chris was scheduled to play in a golf tournament on Saturday morning in Enid. He had really been looking forward to this tournament and had even called in Alan Kilian from Tulsa to play. Chris said Alan is a great golfer and Alan was even bringing a buddy with him that is great too. Chris was so excited that he was gonna have a good team. Well at 4 A.M. work called and Chris had to go in. Needless to say he was not a happy camper. He didn't get home until noon on Saturday. Poor guy missed the whole golf tournament. Sorry Hubs, maybe next year.
Saturday morning I had a memorial service to go to for my Aunt Karen, my dad's sister. She went to be with the Lord August 13, 2010.
Karen Lou Wages Cook
January 10, 1937 - August 13, 2010
Aunt Karen was full of life and had a laugh that will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Aunt Karen and enjoy being reunited with grandma and grandpa.
My dad is one of 8 children. Jim, Judy, Karen & Sharon (twins), Nita, Al, Kenny (my dad), & Christine. Out of the 8 children 5 are still with us. Dad is the only boy left.
Chris, Judy, Sharon, Nita and Kenny (my dad)
The service was beautiful then we headed over to Margie's for a luncheon. Funeral's are never fun, but it does give us an opportunity to meet back up with family that we have not seen in YEARS. I have not seen Dondi (Aunt Karen's daughter) in YEARS. She has a wonderful family. It was like we see each other all the time. They are so easy to talk to and they are fun to be around. I wish I could have spent more time with them.
After lunch we headed out to the cemetery. Even though Aunt Karen was cremated we buried her between grandma and grandpa.
Dad laying Aunt Karen to rest.
Each of us was given the opportunity to shovel some of the dirt. Many took part in helping and some just wanted to watch.
We gather hands and recited the Lord's Prayer and had  a chance to just stand around her and tell stories. It was a great service and she was honored well.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's official! I'm an Old Lady:)

I can officially be called an OLD LADY! Yes it's true I am finally FORTY! I can not believe it! I guess now I have an excuse for falling apart. Ha Ha Ha!
Here I am! Mom could not get my hair to lay down so she used baby oil to slick it down. Looks like I have not had a bath in a month. This is the only baby picture I had downloaded so this was my only option.
I remember when I was little I use to think that we got out of school just because it was MY Birthday! I soon learned it had nothing to do with me, It was because of Labor Day!
We had no plans for the big week-end. I know I can't believe it either my big birthday, Labor Day and the start of College Football how could I not have any plans. Needless to say that didn't last long, Chad and Kristi called and we were off the the lake for the weekend. We left on Saturday and got home Monday afternoon. We had a good time. I had been working my butt off at my Mom and Dads new house so it was nice to get away with great friends and relax. We ordered the OU game Sat.Nite andwatched it outside on the patio. The game ended in a victory, but it wasn't very impressive! I hope we pull our head out for next week or this is gonna be a very long football season at Fosterville!
At some point Saturday night some JERK thought they would give me the best birthday present anyone could ever give me by stealing my camera! Yep I'm still rather bitter about it! Why do people find it necessary to take things that are clearly NOT THEIRS! Very irritating. I loved that camera. It was cute, small, digital and water proof! I just hope that I can find another one just like it.
On our way home Monday, of course we all stopped at Los Potros for a late lunch. Chris and chad just were not going to leave until the guys creamed me.
Yep Carlos got me good, but I got the last laugh. With the cream that didn't make it on my face I waged war on Chris and Chad. And yes I got them both!
Me getting back at Hubs!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today I have pretty much finished Mom and Dads living room. I ran out of trim paint, but I only have one more base board and 2 more window's to trim out and my part of the living room will be done. We still have some molding to hang and the floors still need to be sanded and stained. Here is a look at what the living room walls looked like when I started. It was somewhat a texture, but I didn't like it.
I used All-Purpose Joint Compound and just went right over it with a trowel and this is what I wound up with.
After the mud was dry it took 2 coats of paint to cover. After that was dry I took a rag and rubbed a stain all over the wall.
The picture does not do the stain justice. It is gorgeous!! After all the wall were done it was time to tackle the trim. Remember this is an old house, so the trim work had about 8 different colors of paint on it. I wanted the trim to be dark like the wood floors but I didn't want to strip and stain everything so after much deliberation we went with a brown color paint. I think that it looks great! I would have really liked it to be stained wood, but I knew I just couldn't get it there. I am please with the result.
This is what all the trim looked like in the living room, for that fact the whole house.
And here they are after I painted them brown. What do you think?
I am really liking how this is turning out!
Thanks for checking in on the progress! Have a great weekend!