Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let the fun begin!

When Chris and I got transferred to Texas my parents were living in Oklahoma. After we lived  in Texas for about a year my parents were transferred to Texas. Even though we weren't in the same cities we were only about a few hours apart. Chris and I moved back to the small town that I grew up in after being in Texas for a total of 5 years. Well, guess what? After living in Texas for 5 years themselves my mom and dad are moving back to the same small town! This is where my dad grew up and this is where they have decided to retire. They closed on the house the will be theirs for the rest of their lives on Friday! It is a older home but has a ton of potential! Mom and Dad have let me totally take control and make all of the decisions. I cant wait to see my vision come to life.
And here it is!  We are going to do most of the yard work this spring since the inside needs so much work, but we did clear some trees today.
And after. I know it looks like a tornado has hit, but I promise it looks a lot better.
I will blog about our progress as we go. We are tackling one room at a time. We are starting with the living room. Yesterday I painted the ceiling so we could hang the new ceiling fan today.
Old ceiling fan
New ceiling fan!
We are re-texture the walls and painting the walls Bungalow Gold.
This is the living room before.

Mom cleaning the windows but you can see that I have textured the walls up to the top of the window. After all of the texture we will start on the trim. I would like to take all of the trim back a cherry wood color, but it had been painted over so many times. I am gonna have to figure a way to do a paint technique that makes it look like real wood. After that we will re sand the floor and stain. We ordered the new front door and storm door yesterday but it won't be here for a few weeks. I will keep you posted on our progress!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Productive Weekend

This weekend was a productive weekend for me. Because we stayed home all weekend I was able to catch up on some chores around the house. Friday I had the day off and Chris had to work until 11:00 so I decided that I would get a jump start on the yard work. I can spend hours in the yard. I think it is relaxing and it looks so good when I get done.
Friday night we went out for a few drinks with Chad and Kristi. We always have a great time when we are with them. We laugh a lot together and can have fun if we are out at the lake or just hanging out around the house. Some friendships that I have I feel that I am the one doing all of the work even though we have known each other for YEARS! That's not the case with Chad and Kristi, we can just get together and seem to go with the flow and it's a two way friendship not just one that is one sided.

Saturday Morning the Hubs went golfing of course and I slept in. When I woke up he was already home. I got started on the Ironing that had been piling up and since I made the boys clean their rooms I had laundry out the booty! And believe me I am not kidding here is the proof.
This is all of the ironing I did. 4 shorts, 2 shirts, 2 pants, & 4 skirts.

And here is the mountain of laundry. All clean:)
While my weekend was productive some people around the house can't say the same thing.
Kloie and Odie having a lazy Saturday. I love these dogs. I almost forgot, they both got a bath while I was waiting on laundry.
And guess who else had him a lazy day!
The Hubs:)
He is gonna kill me if he knows I put this picture on here, but I think it is hilarious. (Kloie was asleep too until I started to take the picture.)

Update on Jake: As I am writing this he is on his way to Medford. He is finally out of the hospital! He is coming to stay with his mom and dad for a few days just to regain some of his strength. He still has a lot of recovering to do. He still has staples from ear to ear and his vision isn't 100% but they hope that it will correct itself. Amen! Thanks for the prayers for this family and please continue to pray for his recovery.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prayers and Parties!


Right now as I am writing this blog Jake is in surgery. His reconstructive surgery began at around 2 P.M. and is expected to last for 5 to 7 Hours! Please pray for Jake and his family, along with his medical team! I got a text from Deana (Jake's mom) at around 4:30 P.M. and it said "So far so good"
I had to work all week last week and had a birthday party get away this week-end so I plan to make it down to see Jake on Friday.
I'm also asking prayers for my Cousin, Rob. As I have blog before Rob and I are very very close. He is more like a brother to me. He underwent surgery on his foot today. He had been having trouble with his foot for almost the entire summer. Comes to find out that a bone in his foot was broken. They went in and removed the piece of bone and the surgery seems to be a success. Please pray for his healing. This has been a very painful few months and hopefully he starts feeling better soon!

Ok, now on a lighter note. After a full week of work we headed to Kaw Lake to celebrate Chad Cink's birthday. It was an Adult weekend only, so no Big kids or Little kids were there. I might have to say that this weekend was the funnest weekend of the entire summer! Friday night was nice and relaxing but Saturday was a Blast! Here are a few pictures of the fun!
This was the view on the water Friday night! Absolutely Beautiful!
This was the Bon-Fire that was built on the beach!
Just before heading out to the water Saturday. Hubs found a pair of Colton's sunglasses. How cute is this!
Here is some of the crew!
Kristi (Chads wife) and Me. We had so much fun!
This was our view Saturday night! God is Good!
And here is the Birthday Boy! (he is gonna kill me when he sees this picture!) But it was the best picture I had of him over the weekend.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAD!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jake is doing better but still needs prayers

Jake seems to be doing better. He still has a long road ahead of him. He is doing so good right now, BUT! He does have reconstructive surgery on Tuesday. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Our thoughts and prayer are with you Jake!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today I am asking everyone to pray for Jake.

Jake is my boss, Deana's, youngest son. He was hit in the face by a ball that was batted back at him during a ball game Monday evening. He is now in OU Medical Center in the ICU Unit. He has multiple facial fracture's. His nose and the area surrounding his nose (sinus area and inner checks) have been pretty much crushed. He will be under going reconstructive surgery as soon as the doctor can make that happen. Right now he is on a vent but they are hoping to take him off of that slowly tonight. He has been alert and made eye contact. He has even been writing things on paper. 
Jake and his big brother Alan.

If I know one thing about this family, I know that they are extremely close. Deana is one of those mom's that I hope I can be. She is very involved with all of her children. I have witnessed myself, her talking to her daughter 3 to 4 times in a 8 hour period.  I know some parents that can go several day without speaking to their children. ( Mind you these are grown children not living at home.)

Jake and his beautiful Niece, Hadlea.
Jake is someone that is full of life! He loves to have fun and loves to be with his family and his friends. Jake is one of those guys who makes you feel that you are the only person in the room when you are having a conversation with him.
And might I add :
"He Is A Good Looking Kid!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Family Trip - Another Foster Injury!

It has been so nice being off of work for a entire week! Don't get me wrong I really do love both of my jobs, but it is nice to have a break! I kept teasing Chris that I wasn't going back to work, and he made sure that I knew what his point of view was! It's always WORK, WORK, WORK with Chris. He always says " Ya don't make money if ya don't go to work."
Kendra had 5 days off also so she came home on Thursday. She laid out by the pool for a while then came in and took a nap. I offered to take her out to eat but she just wanted to chill at home, which was fine by me. This night was no exception for the rest of the week. I decided to try a new recipe. This time it was Shrimp Enchiladas.
After dinner we headed over to Chad and Kristi's. We all were heading to the lake for the weekend on Friday, so I wanted to get with Kristi about what food we needed to bring. Later that night I headed home to bake some cookies to take and I am glad I did because every time that Colton would eat one he would tell me "These are my Favorite!"
Friday morning Chris and Chad went on over to Ponca so they could golf before heading to the lake house, and Kristi had to work till noon so Kendra offered to babysit until Kristi got off. Well Brooklyn was all gung ho, but not Colton, he went to work with his mom. Kendra and Brooklyn swam in the pool most of the morning, then it was off to the lake house.
What would a trip in the car be without a little Mickey D's!

When we got there I figured that Chris and Chad would already be on the water. Nope I was wrong, they were actually working around the house.
It wasn't long though, and we were headed for a evening boat ride!
I'm not real sure why Colton is giving me a thumbs down, because he was so ready to get on the boat.

 This little boy cracks me up! He is literally on the run every waking moment! Even when he is throwing one of his fits he cracks me up with some of the things he says!
See what I mean! He is just sooo funny.

After we got off of the lake Kristi had supper ready for everyone. She made Steak, Corn on the cob and Potatoes with Butter, Onion, Squash and Zucchini. It was really good.
Later that evening Kristi took my kids on the golf cart to meet some of the neighbors. That ended up to not be such a great idea. At some point along the ride Kendall fell off. By the looks of him you would think that he was thrown out of a car going 40 MPH! He is one big road rash and we still aren't sure if he broke his foot or not. I am expecting a call from the Dr. Tuesday or Wednesday.
Right knee!
Left knee!
And this is the foot the may be broken. Can you tell he has no ankle.

Needless to say this is how Kendall spent most of his Saturday on the lake.
Poor guy! I swear it was the hottest day of the summer too!

Even though some of us got hurt, sunburned and are so sore that we feel like 97 year old women I will say this weekend was a lot of fun. Thanks the Chad and Kristi Cink family for the good times. And Thank you to the Rob and Heidi Keller family for taking care of Odie and Kloie while we were gone.