Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect and the colors of fall are the best! Halloween is no exception. I use to love to dress up when I was little and when I became a mom I loved to dress my kids up and take them around town Trick-or-Treating! Heck, I would even dress up with them.
A Halloween tradition that I started when the kids were very little was that I would put on a pot of homemade chili and make cinnamon rolls! Every year they would always look forward to eating before heading out for a night full of Trick-or-Treating. Since I moved to Norman I guess my kiddo's thought the tradition would be broken. Not only could I not break our tradition, I could not go without handing out candy to the little kids. Since we had nothing on the schedule Lonnie and I decided to head to Medford to continue the tradition. Kendra started texting me the day before Halloween saying how much she was going to miss it. Even though my kids are 22, 21 & 19 I just could not disappoint.
Halloween morning I was off for a Wal-Mart run to get everything that I needed for the meal & of course a few bags of candy so that I could hand some out, even though I knew mom would have some. I got the chili in the crock pot and I put the cinnamon rolls on a cookie sheet to rise. At around 3:00 we headed to Medford! 
When I got to mom's I plugged in the chili and popped the rolls in the oven.  

Kendra was a Happy Camper!

It wasn't long after we arrived that the Trick-or-Treater's started arriving.
My mom with my Lil cousin's Brayden & Cayden.

Tommy the cat was not sure about all this Halloween Business!

After the Trick & Treating died down Heidi brought the girls back over and Aunt B came over for some good family time.
Me and my Ky Ky!

We even did a little dancing!

Ky wanted to fly so everyone pitched in to help her out.

Kaleb decided to eat all the leftover candy. I guess you're never to old for Halloween.

I hope everyone had a Happy & Safe Halloween!