Monday, October 14, 2013

3rd Annual OU/TEAXS Trip

What a great weekend! Yes the Sooners lost, but time spent with family and friends makes up for that any day of the week. Lonnie and I have been going to Big D for the OU/Texas game for the past three years. We never actually attend the game which is kinda weird. We go to Humperdinks which is a great place to watch the game since 90% of the people who are there are OU fans. Even the wait staff wears Crimson and Cream. Mainly for the sake of good tips but I like being surrounded by our colors!

This year Kaleb, Kendra and Kate got to make the trip with us!
As for the boot on the tower of beer...Lonnie did that last year so why break the tradition lol! It was suppose to be the game changer, but that didn't happen. We lost and all I ended up with was a cold boot!
After the game we headed to the Fort Worth stockyards. We love that place...Lonnie and I even got married there! We had some amazing Mexican food at Los Vaquero. We can't go to the stockyards and not go back to eat at the place we were married at! I haven' been feeling well for the past week so Lonnie and I called it a early night and headed back to the motel while the kiddos partied like rock stars! Sunday was a different story though. I was bound and determined that I was going to have a fun day regardless of me not feeling well and we did just that. We started with a steak at Cattleman's. We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. It was awesome! We always have to get some kind of souvenir. Last year it was huge sombrero's and fake mustaches this year it was huge Hulk hand beer holders!
Another favorite place to go while at the stockyards is The White Elephant Bar. If you ever make it there you have to get the Banana Pudding Shot! Pretty tasty lil suckers!
We even think we found the next big band! They reminded us of The Pistol Annie's
We had such a blast! Here are some more pics of our crazy family makin memories! I hope you had a great weekend like we did!