Sunday, December 29, 2013


December 1st was our One year Anniversary! It's so crazy because it truly does not feel like it has been 1 Year! It has all gone so fast. We kicked around the idea of what to do for the big day and we decided that we will always go back to the place we were married on the day that we were married.
So...Texas it is! I thought I would make our trip extra special and book a two night stay at the historic Gaylord Texan Resort.
It was beautiful...but I probably will never do that again! Don't get me wrong it is a great place to go and visit but for the price it is waaaayyy over rated!! We got to share our romantic weekend with a bunch of screaming kids and people who would bump into you and look at you like it was your fault! The minute we drove up and the guy who was directing traffic told us it was a 40 minute wait for valet I knew we were at the wrong place. I know it was probably my fault for booking a hotel that is a tourist attraction during Christmas...but I had no clue! We parked our car and carried our bags about 1/2 mile to the door only to be greeted with screaming kids and tons of romantic! I just kept thinking...this was my gift to Lonnie and it is horrible! After walking so far with our bags we found one of those bag carts and put our bags on it so that we could check in. That was until the bell boy told us it was $25.00 to rent it and they would bring it up to us ( which meant a tip ) ...did I mention how impressed I was!
One thing I have learned from my dear husband is that it is not where you are it is who you are with that matters. I get that but don't think the cost of the room per night kept racing through my head!
Ok enough of that rant...we check in and got to the room. It was OK. Nothing too special.

We dropped our bags, freshened up and headed downstairs.
The decorations were amazing! (and NO I am not being sarcastic)
They truly were.

They even had a real live drummer boy.
We headed to get a bite to each which was challenging because of the long lines but be decided on Mexican food. Now may I tell you that Lonnie and I love Mexican food...heck we were even married at Mexican food restaurant. This place was terrible...down to the margarita.
We then headed to a wine bar where we ordered 2 glasses of wine (which did not meet my pour standards) and 3 slices of cheese for the grand total of $90.00!
However they did have a Christmas tree idea that Lonnie and I are going to use next year! A tree made out of wine bottles...loved it!
We then went to our room and got the glasses that they give you for brushing your teeth and opened our own bottle of wine...(because I refused to pay that much money) and went to the lobby to people watch. I was totally into it...can you tell?
I'm sure you are asking...why didn't you just go somewhere else? Well we would have but we knew that we just wanted a drink and some food and every time that you leave the resort they bill your room for it! So...we stayed and made the most of it.
The next day we went back to the place we are always drawn to "The Stockyards"
We spent most of the day there.
Sunday was our actual anniversary and we went to have lunch at the same place we were married. It was awesome. We had our picture taken in the courtyard we were married in and plan to do that every year from now on.
Now this is Mexican food!

We always go to the "White Elephant" My picture is even on the wall there. LOL!

And we always run into "sleepy" ...
she always shines my boots when I'm in town.
Lonnie even did a little singing with the band at the wine bar.

In the end we had a great weekend. We learned that we will be staying in the "Stockyards" from now on and only visit the Gaylord Texan for the tourist attraction. Lonnie and I always have fun with what ever we do.. we love meeting people we will never see again and trying new things. One thing I do know is the love that this man has for me makes me one happy girl! Happy Anniversary Lonnie! I love you.


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